Use of natamycin

Пищевая добавка для обработки сыра Натамицин

The substance natamycin (pimaricin or the preservative E235) is classified as a polyene antibiotic belonging to the macrolide group, has antifungal (antimycotic) effect and destroys the vital activity of molds and some types of yeast. Natamycin is used in many food and beverage systems. In cheese-making production, it is used to treat the surface of cheese heads and to protect production racks and shelves for storage.

There are three main ways to treat cheese heads:

  • Addition it into the composition of special coatings for ripening and long-term storage of cheeses.
  • The product is added into the brine of salting bath (a certain concentration of the substance per unit volume must be maintained).
  • Immerse the cheese for 6-11 minutes in a suspension of Natamycin after salting.

The main advantages of using natamycin:

  • Extremely low chance of product spoilage by molds and yeast (when applied according to the insruction).
  • Reduced costs due to reduction of quantity of low quality product.
  • Natamycin is a recognized preservative with a high safety indicator.
  • Does not affect the flavor profile of the final product.

Natamycin supplied by Naligar

  • The preservative is of consistently high quality.
  • More effective than “chemical” preservatives.
  • If you have any production issues, in the process of using the preparation, you get timely and high-quality technological support.
Name of additive Description Application
Complex Food Additive Natamycin Powder containing 95% active natamycin (pimaricin) In cheese making treatment of cheese heads, sections and slices. It can be used in many food and beverage productions.