Specificity of «Astro Pimaricin»

Пищевая добавка Astro Pimaricin

The complex food additive Astro Pimaricin (the active substance is natamycin) manufactured by Calza Clemente (Italy) is currently the most relevant anti-mold protection product made using Streptomyces natalensis bacteria, intended for hard, semi-hard and smoked types of cheese.

It prevents the growth and development of yeast bacteria and mold, allows to keep the product fresh for a long time, reduces the risk of fungal mycotoxins, does not affect the activity of the desired culture in fermented products or bacteria. In cheese making, the product is directly applied on the heads of cheese; treatment of sections and slices is also possible. Effectively used for antimycotic treatment of meat products. Astro Pimaricin L is a liquid form of the additive easily diluted with water, susceptible to natural hydrolysis, oxidation and ultraviolet radiation.

The particular qualities of the preparation include the fact that concentrate and liquid solutions of Astro Pimaricin L are sensitive to ultraviolet light, and should be protected from direct sunlight. This additive is used in three main ways: dipping cheese into solution, spraying its surface or adding to the coating composition.

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Additive name Description Application
The complex food additive Astro Pimaricin manufactured by Calza Clemente (Italy) 4% solution (based solids) with high solubility in water In cheese making treatment of cheese heads, sections and slices. It can be used in many food and beverage productions