Purpose of latex coating

Латексное покрытие для сырной продукции

In addition to protecting cheese during the production process, there is a need to protect it from such a phenomenon as “microbial rain”. This phenomenon is a microbiological contamination of the product’s surface by microorganisms that cause damage to the product. Latex coating is used for such protection in cheese making. In addition to the function of protecting the cheese head from external factors, this coating creates exceptional conditions that are necessary for the quality maturation of cheese, obtaining the necessary organoleptic properties of the product. Also, the latex coat allows to prevent unwanted weight loss of products. appearance of the product plays an important role in the field of competitiveness and success among consumers. Latex coating, due to the diversity of its color palette, will help to distinguish the product from other competing types of cheese.

According to the method of application, latex packaging can be machine and manual application. Depending on the applied method of application, the viscosity of the applied composition varies.

Machine and manual application methods

Before applying the latex coating in an automated (machine) way, it is necessary to dry the previously cleaned and washed cheese. Next, the cheese is passed through an automatic (semi-automatic) coating system, in which by means of a spray nozzle (or by rolling with special rollers), the latex mixture is equidistributed over the surface of the cheese head. The difference between an automatic system and a semi-automatic one is that there is no need to use manual mechanical labor during the application procedure.

Before manual latex coating, the same list of preliminary operations is performed as with a machine. Then, using a brush, apply and evenly distribute the composition over the entire surface area. The density of the latex mixture determines the number of layers applied, it can be applied from 1 layer to 3 (in the case of a more fluid mixture). Latex coating is easily detachable and has no coloring ability, is resistant to mechanical stress.

Coating «Parafluid»

Головка сыра в латексном покрытии

Parafluid is a dispersion of a polymer in water (colorants and preservatives may be added).

Parafluid’s range of products is wide and includes various formulations depending on the type of cheese, production process and desired results.

After applying Parafluid to the surface of the cheese and subsequent drying, a film is formed. Depending on the composition, the film may be more or less dense, transparent, colored, shiny or matte, permeable or not. The permeability of the film affects the evaporation of moisture and weight loss and acts as a barrier against external contaminants. Protection can be improved by adding preservatives to Parafluid, approved for the surface treatment of cheeses, which make it effective against moulds and improve the appearance and sanitary and commercial properties.

Name of coating Description
Latex coating «Parafluid» produced by CIP s.r.l. (Italy) It is a dispersion of a copolymer in water (colorants and preservatives may be added)