About us

Company Naligar is a reliable supplier of components
for the dairy industry since 2000.

The history of the company dates back to 2000. Gaining experience in close cooperation with cheese-making enterprises, we were looking for reliable and well-established partners - producers of ingredients for the dairy industry.

That is how our company became an official representative of the following producers in the Republic of Belarus:

In 2007, Calza Clemente s.r.l. (Italy) - a manufacturer of enzyme preparations for producing a cheese clot, improving the taste and aroma, accelerating the maturation of cheese, preventing the development of undesirable bacterias, a food supplement that inhibits the growth of yeasts and molds.

In 2011, the company TFI GmbH (Germany). In 2018, company TFI GmbH became part of the C&P Group GmbH (Germany), a manufacturer of enzyme preparations with a wide spectrum of action.

In 2013, CIP s.r.l. (Italy) — - producer of coatings for cheese.

In 2012, an important step in the history of the company was taken. The production of a milk-clotting enzyme preparation was opened. Thus, Naligar became a group of companies, which includes the private enterprise RennetProduct (Belarus).

In 2017, our company signed a dealership agreement with Russian partners Trading House Unikons and SPA Alternative. Unicons Group of Companies - Developers and manufacturers of food additives for the dairy and food industries.

All of the above products have passed the necessary tests in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and have declarations of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

For 19 years, the Naligar company (and the last 7 years a group of companies) has firmly established itself in the dairy industry market of the Republic of Belarus, specializing in the supply of products for the cheese production.

Technologists of our company provide technological support, develop technical specifications for dairy products and cheeses.

Today, our main goal is to contribute to the development of our customers' business by providing them with high-quality products and technical support in the field of dairy products.